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Marilou Lavallee: Simply me

Holidays doesn’t mean comfort zone right?

After a month visiting relatives in Canada -far away from Island Lifestyle, we redirected ourselves to Europe. Germany was our main based while hint of cheerful Amsterdam and splendid Zurich where greatly appreciated. Today I wish to share my “insight” from this trip rather than a “travel guide”. Nothing about how much I loved the Christmas vibe with their traditional and so cool market (with Glüe wine -yummy), cheeses and

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Yoga & Kitesurfing: Exploring Balance

Finding balance is an every day step. We loose balance and regain it. That’s just life. No need to fight this. As soon as we realized this part; things fall into place. I do not practice Yoga to get more flexibility when kiting (even if it does and do so many good things for my body) or to impress with “hard look-a-like pose”. Those poses are fun and part of

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Coverage & Bio

I still remember my first interview, first coverage in a Kite magazine, first competition and second and so on. I compete enough to say that it’s incredibly demanding (physically, I think we all know that… ), but the mental strength and focus one must have in order to go over all the pressure and stress… that is something massive. I wish I knew about meditation in that time. Because I

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