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Kiting Girl Coverage… Kitesurfing Los Roques & more

What a wonderful trip, with wonderful people and of course amazing gear. It’s such a unique opportunity to be politely asked to “travel” in such unique and pristine destination in order to get some promising shots for the Kitesurf company CORE.

Every single day, I’m grateful for how my life path change completely. As I’m writing, i’m counting more than 10 years of riding and more than 5 professionally. Meaning “having to show up with my smile and energy” to the photoshoot. Isn’t that exceptional!?

Only proof that everything is possible. Dare to dream, believe but most importantly Be what you want or wish to be. There is no failure only learning and new opportunities coming.

Kiting with mu buddy Chris Boësch in Los Roques

Published:  Europe

Photographer: Axel Reese

losroquescovergae3 losroquescoverage2 losroquescoverage1


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