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Roatan: kite bags are ready!

Since I left our kite spot in Roatan (last September) so many things have transformed my life.

Of course, getting a baby is one huge and wonderful thing that continue to bring even more sense to all what I’m doing, but there is also a lot of little things I feel grateful for in 2013.

On a professional level, the last year has brought me lots of cool projects and collaborations (Trickionnary, Hawaii with the Core Crew, the start of Kitesurf Roatan, nice Coverage and so on) has well has personal blooming mainly due to those life-choices that fit with what my heart tells me (very important!). TRUST and DO

Moving to Roatan Island gives me the chance to practice even more what I believe In. More sports, more yoga, more sharing and more of ‘less’! Of course our life is more basic there (we have less of those material thing but it does feel has if we have so much more of all the rest! Especiallly after spending cople of months in hometown Canada, I clearly see the difference now: Less is More! 🙂

So saying that, I am definitely ready to jump in the plane with our new baby, to go on and continue living a non-traditional lifestyle. Can’t wait to see the sun, I have enjoy the beautiful snow here, but now it’s time to get back on the water slowly and get plenty of that good vitamin D



Here is our new baby enjoying his first morning in Paya Bay Roatan Island!

p.s.: Thanks to American Airline all our luggages arrived: SUP,  Core Kites, Boards, Surf and baby stuff!! Now we are ready to start this new season!

I will keep you tuned…


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