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Living abroad: the stories

This morning I woke up with no running water in the house… How annoying I immediately thought.
Well… I had 2 options.

Reacting or Not. 

I was close to get moody, but instead I decided to focus on the sound of the soft rain outside and on this perfect breeze to calm me.

I look up by the window and I realized that ‘I did not care so much about the water’ . 

Anyway, nothing last for ever, I thought. It’s like everything in life: ‘good and bad things pass’ and in that case; ‘the water will come back to some point’.

The rain outside stopped. I than took this spare time (I now had) and I walked by the water with our new born baby, peacefully sleeping. My thoughts run into the fact that: I could not help myself but to be grateful for this life change, here in Roatan Island. Walking alone on the small deck, reminded me of last night, where I was sitting on the beach with 3 charming local girls.
The baby planted in his car seat –in the sand- watching his daddy, my boyfriend, playing with his kite over the flat water that looked goldish due to the powerful sunset. He was having his private kite session and probably felt like he was all alone in the world.
Alone but at the same time completely immerse in this vast and beautiful nature. The scene was so strong, I did not even need to ride my own kite to enjoy the moment. Just being the ‘watcher’ made me feel incredibly present. I got completely transported in the moment, where nothing matters. The feeling that everything was here, right now and nothing was missing was all over the place.
I realized this morning that because I have chosen ‘not to react’ to this ‘no water situation’ (meaning no shower right now and that the stinky dishes will have to wait there and so my initial plans where all changed…). Instead I was creating space for something else. I was outside, chilling in nature with our baby and I found myself absorbed once more by just: being PRESENT.
 Even if I travelled the world and spent 10 years in the most amazing beaches, I never experienced what is happening to me now. I have never lived completely this type of non-American life. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not completely away from a ‘non-American lifestyle’ but closer than before.) We do run with our car and boat for the kiting and use internet stick in the house, but the water source is coming directly from the mountain behind us, people walk to church on Sundays, talk and support each others, neighbours kids wash themselves in a huge bucket of water, play all day by the sea and most importantly: they are free to be kids! We are lucky enough to be in the middle of all that. 

We have the chance to be immerse into all that. 

Plus, we work out of our passion: kitesurfing. 

What’s happening seems simply to be from another category… We have our own moments, we also create some family time, kiting time and client time. The richest part of running Kitesurf Roatan is that we are not only sharing kitesurfing trips or tips, but people get involved into this life-change. That is the most meaningful thing to me.
While writing those lines, I know I’m not always relaxed when I realized that there is no running water available for instance. But being surrounded by this environment have something special, almost therapeutic. Nature bring you directly back into the ‘Now’. We only have to observe around. 

Neighbors are waking up with the sun light (and so do we now). We learn to follow the natural cycle of nature and that teaches you a lot.  Life here was inspired by our initial passion of playing with the wind and kite. With years, it got all metamorphoses in a way I had never imagine, ‘but how grateful, am I now!’

Finally, I sat outside after the rain and appreciate this silent moment in nature before finishing this post. The phone had ring and the kite lessons are set for this afternoon, the baby is now completely awake playing with simplicity of life and … the running water is not yet back, but I’m calm, present and happy ready for  the rest of this beautiful day.

After all… take some time, no matter where you are and how you live, to consciously and gently breath and get a moment of silence in nature, even a small one will balance you.

From Roatan Island, with all my hearth and kiting spirit,
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