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Our Vision of Sport makes the News


Kitesurf Roatan have recently made the News in Quebec/Canada. It’s all about how we see, practice and encourage the sport to be. Which is… to my understanding, much more than just Kitesurfing. If you could read through the letters of the word KITESURFING you would understand that it’s also about discovering yourself and the culture surrounding you. It is learning to be focus, concentrated, present in every moment: during your jump, but also Before and After your practice.




Because you have to be so precise during sport that you develop awareness and than you transport this awareness with you, the nature, the local and the community. You learn to be patient (because you first have to learn the respect of mother Nature and finally understand that there is Nothing you can control). The only think you can control is your mind, getting yourself up to what your heart is telling you. Believe me, only this way you will find true happiness; in your sport and in your whole life. Fallow your spirit, this is what sport brought me!





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and to all: be welcome for your next Holiday with us here in Roatan,

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