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Kite and Yoga Girls Week in Roatan

Girls Week In Roatan: Live your Ride and make it your Journey

“I welcome this week like a fusion of everything a Kite Trip brings; with the quality and connection a Yoga Retreat vibes.”



Meeting wonderful people (including the journey with yourself), plus the fun, sun, culture and adventure kiting brings. If you are ready to explore deeper, you have found the place to be.

If you are a Kite Beginner or a Rider ready for progression: it is a perfect moment to exchange tips and tricks or to get yourself set for lessons to learn in a vibrant and safe energy while learning to use Kite and Yoga as a profound guide in our life.

It is so simple to change the ordinary into extraordinary… it is all about the little “Extra” we do over the thing we do, live, love and make.

Join us, March 9-16th 2015 in Roatan Island 


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