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Kitesurfing in Roatan: where to stay!?!

 Today I am VERY EXCITED to start promoting 2015 Kite-Trips and Packages in Roatan Island (Honduras). It represent more than 2 years of work, lots of effort, trials, new steps and fun. I’m by now, very proud of the UNIQUE EXPERIENCE we are offering our clients! For us, the whole process was a real adventure and it’s to be continued! We are extremely Grateful for all the clients that have joined us during 2013 and 2012 either for learning kitesurfing or to simply “Live the dream” with us.

Resort you said…

I am the opposite of what you would call a “resort person” (no judgement here if you like resort or not, as for me it’s just my preference. I like to feel I’m in a unique place, not crowded with tourist -from my country). I travel for a change. I want to see and experience a clash of culture in order to learn and discover. It’s essential (for me) to meet with the people from the place. Also at now 30 something, I don’t appreciate cockroaches… so I still aim for a place that offers me a certain comfort. But the most important of all, the place should transport a special and unique character or energy.
CBL_cabana_west_balcony-2897You can look for some other Hotels, but here I simply choose to create my own in order to meet my passion. One that would be really special, allowing a full contact with nature and lots of space! And of course, it was important to be close to the kiting area .




My Best Tips:

  • Your advance. Make your life easy. Plan your Day pass: you’ll get the service of the school and their assistant (landing-launching-boat rescue).
  • Plan at least one Boat trip. Those journeys are just unforgettable!
  • Just starting: make sure you book your lesson ahead.
  • Stay with us at the Camp Bay Lodge. Relax, be remote and kite direct on the spot.

If you are still not convinced, read some of our guest reviews:

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