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I haven’t written in a …long…long… time (but let’s not be judgmental here and let’s appreciate the beauty of what is: I’m taking time to write and it makes me feel so… so.. so good!).

I consciously dedicate this day to give you some news!

Still I’m not sure how to fit everything in one post, but will see.

In a few lines, I could resume that I’m super excited about getting our new hotel Camp Bay Lodge ready for the opening in March (click on the link to see more). How I loooove experimenting recipes using local products (mango, papaya, yucca and son on). I did not see this one coming, but yes I happen to be the one in charge of the kitchen/restaurant. Lucky for me, the island girls happen to be amazing cooks. It’s simply about discovering wholesome healthy food in local dishes. (No excuse to be eating refine food here! It’s about celebrating local colors and flavors and no chemically transformed food).

*This could not be accomplished without “Dulce and Vicky”‘s patience, my kitchen girls and there incredible knowledge (transmitted from there grand-mothers). I also used  “LoveFoodEat” blog, where I got hooked on easy recipes. One of my favorite discovery being: local cocoa blended with beet (let me tell you how yummy those brownies are!)

To close the food chapter, making my own wholegrainbread and yogurt are new things I’m very proud of (happy with simple things). Believe me, it is way easier than what we think. Apart all that, there has been a lot of work for promotion of Kitesurf Roatan and Camp Bay Lodge (both relatively new businesses here in Roatan Island), lots and lots of decision making (not my first strength) and some great Kiting involved. Thank God for that. CORE kiteboarding made me travel around the globe with the rest of the team, again to live magic moments (will soon have the chance to see more from it- but yes, it was dreamlike).

I’m also infinitely proud of my little boy (now 2yrs), the family & lifestyle we are creating here. Days seems to fly by…  Two businesses, a local lifestyle (productive desire often conflict with Island slow beat and unavailability of resources, see previous post about “Living Abroad: episode 1“), a young toddler and no grand-parents around often creates lot of motion! To much movement make me loose my ground. And yes, when I’m not grounded, I become an open highway for stress to drive in (yes even in dreamland).

Taking time for others
Sunset with the loved one


Wonders of this world: Nature (here dolphins in the back)
More Wonders: taking the time to live our life!

How can I explain that? At the end of the day, we all face the same difficulties, they just look different. We found ourselves resisting to situation or change. Not even realizing that we are demanding to control life’s outcome. (Literally, engaging in an impossible mission). So where’s the line? Why doing all that if at the end it’s all the same. Moving on a paradise Island and ending up stress out you might think?

It is no coincidence if Camp Bay Lodge slogan is Mindful Stay. It is a call for mindfulness.
No, not only for our guests, but for ourselves. It is a daily reminder of what we really want in our life.

I want presence. I want to be awake living my life. I want to Feel and Be the Peace in my life.


When I walk by the hotel in the morning and read on the logo: Mindful Stay, it makes me smile. It also brings me back to choices and decisions. Every second is a new opportunity to be who we truly want to be. We can choose to let stress drive us or we can consciously decide to observe the situation. And you know what? Maybe, just being the observer lead us to slow down and breath and the next second; stress is gone. Just by changing perspective.

I wrote earlier that I don’t like to make decisions (even If my life is full of impacting decisions I’ve made, which, by the way, have lead me here), decisions and standing up can be hard. But, NO decision is not a choice; this is horrible. It keep us in a grey zone, going no-where, feeling stuck, in confusion or fear. Clarifying our vision and standing up liberates. Taking decision, even when hard, relief. And… we can always make another decision later on.
There are unlimited possibilities to make decisions, to choose. Every single moment is an option to do different or to be present to what’s important for us. This is the only key (to me) to go to bed feeling happy.

Live with Mindfulness… I guess that’s what I really want to say today. To be sure we don’t forget about it, we made it the center point of our hotel. Just because yes we all get stress sometimes, but we all have the ability to decide to slow down. Stopping just for a moment, just long enough to take a long deep breath. To see with our pure eyes what’s really in front of us.

Just for today, be grateful for all those little things (people around you, smiles, birds, sky, nature etc.) or even obstacles that are always present to lead us in a different way and eventually a better direction.

Have a wonderful day &
See you in Roatan,


Photo credit: Philipp Zach


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