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Coverage & Bio

I still remember my first interview, first coverage in a Kite magazine, first competition and second and so on. I compete enough to say that it’s incredibly demanding (physically, I think we all know that… ), but the mental strength and focus one must have in order to go over all the pressure and stress… that is something massive. I wish I knew about meditation in that time. Because I know the feeling, the full experience, the high stress and the high reward of winning, still today I highly respect competition. I know it’s nothing like “just all easy”…

Honestly, I cherish my path,  it made me who I am, but my true Love is with nature, new experiences and in connection with people and life. All things I have daily lived and discovered with kitesurfing. I am a soul surfer. Soul Kitesurfer. I embodied the lifestyle, the yoga that comes with it, the good vibes, the fresh food, the love, the sun and the feeling for peace that Surf brought over. I love all that.

All that was my true reward. I started kitesurfing because I needed the intensity, I needed to challenge myself and physically push my limit. I loved to be extreme. Even the hard crash I kind a Loved. Today, after a decade practicing the sport, I am changed. Maybe the time, maybe life, maybe the flame.

I am in a more natural and love-state mind set. I am a Free Rider. My Kitesurfing Journey has been transform into a humble quest for harmony, peace & balance.  Love. Life.




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