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Holidays doesn’t mean comfort zone right?

After a month visiting relatives in Canada -far away from Island Lifestyle, we redirected ourselves to Europe. Germany was our main based while hint of cheerful Amsterdam and splendid Zurich where greatly appreciated.

Today I wish to share my “insight” from this trip rather than a “travel guide”. Nothing about how much I loved the Christmas vibe with their traditional and so cool market (with Glüe wine -yummy), cheeses and all sorts of sausages with names I still can’t pronounce. But again, more about the “behind the scene” of our lives.


During this time, our main goal was to relax and recharge. Wishing to feel fresh and ready to start our next season ( with the Kite school kitesurfing (KR)  and Yoga in Honduras. To our surprise, this choice of having long holiday in both our parents house happened to be not the best resourcing experience. I mean, it sounds obvious just writing it down no!? What got in our mind!? Don’t know. Of course, trying to keep the budget low for our start up company, having 3-4 months holiday was not the most financial thing to do, but… got a do what you gotta do!

After few frustrations & challenges, we kind a get the lesson. This post is about the subtle things that create distance. Ultimately a feeling of strangeness or most commonly called: unhappiness. I prefer saying lack of inner peace.

Of course lessons where hidden behind those months away from home. I guess, that’s just what traveling is about?

I realized that moving a lot (plane-train-car-train-car-train-train-plane-plane) is destabilizing. Well more than what I wanted to believe. Drinking lot of water, did not save me from hard jet-lag. Note to me: just be more realistic and plan more time in between (you are not 20 anymore). Also, living in other people’s house is different. Note to myself in case I would like to do that again: not realist when you plan to stay a long time in someone else house (3 days MAX!).

You’re not in your home, so you kind a have to keep it quiet right -I though. But what when you get triggered again and than again. So what do you do? Speak out? Take on yourself? Well we normally do what ever comes with our natural tempter. Sometimes it works, but sometimes the root is deeper.



Lesson 1: Family is Meditation

Long holiday with your family (or extended one) is sometimes like meditating: not always fun, but essential. Ralu says that a real Yoga practice is not on your mat, but it is spending two weeks with your family (RaLu-Speaking to the Ashtanga Community). I could not agree more! The challenge was to find my own routine in the brouhaha and movement of others, keeping myself “grounded” no matter how many outsides influences-demands-stimuli-ideas-opinions arise and still accepting things as they are (very tricky). It’s so tempting to be wanting to change people, situation or what’s highly bothering you. Than we create subtle resistance and there is comes… this strangeness feeling. Life seems not to be flowing anymore. Or we are simply lost outside the flow resisting in our own little world.

 “Anything that you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you.”
Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

While Meditating, we learn to stay a little bit longer in our discomfort. It involves Mindfulness and Presence. Yes, even being present to our “dislike”. Equanimity. It’s a practice. “Practice” because it’s never finish. We define ourselves so much with those thoughts that we get completely uncomfortable to dare to let go of it for a moment. When we manage to let go… even for one second, instead of staying in this state of fear or false control, we consciously create space for new (for solution we did not even think of)… and we end up meeting with our Self.

“When I noticed I’m holding on conception, view, value, coffee, green juice and so on.  I try letting go. Just for the sake of the practice”.


And that bring me to my next Lesson…



Lesson 2: Don’t judge (even food!)

To truly discover a culture, you better do and eat like them. It is a way to deepen our understanding of the culture.

So yep, I had to go out of my “Culinary” comfort zone of green juice and veggies (I’m not vegetarian, but very very very close to).  Honestly, eating food I’m not really ‘interested’ in, happened to be more challenging than I though.

Rigid ideas, stickers, labels are way more present than we think. So when you are craving for a coffee or greens and the only thing you find is a fatty sausage: just remember that. What ever you eat, if you do it with peace, love and respect, your body will take what it needs. Judging food (healthy/not, good/ bad) already bring conflict within. So practice letting go and drop the “likes & dislikes” …

“I’m not saying go on eat anything, I’m saying observe yourself. Where are you rigid, when does it creates conflict or division within yourself.


Lesson 3: Put energy in what you want (not the opposite!)

After the first 2 months, we realized we had to slow down. We kept on planning trips and trips to see more friends even to we where getting completely exhausted. Everything felt important. Well how can you expect to rejuvenate if you don’t allow yourself a minimum of time “off” . Like “niete, nada, rien”. With nothing on the schedule. The more I wanted to stop moving the more I was moving.

“The Universe doesn’t understand the negative form, it just brings you more of what you (don’t) want– without consideration for the “no”. David Bernard, good friend and professional coach.



Final note

It sounds like a real philosophic trip, but it did brought a lot of questions and place for discussion. Mindfulness is part of what we want to included in our journey. So yep, we like to stop and look at things deeper during our day to day life. So we can all grow!

Over all, we had a very unique experience that we are really grateful for. We wish to thanks everyone that took part of our journey. We had wonderful moments and plenty of gifts. THANKS for the love, the niche, time and energy you are all amazing and fantastic and we are extremely grateful!




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