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Yoga & Kitesurfing: Exploring Balance


Finding balance is an every day step. We loose balance and regain it. That’s just life. No need to fight this. As soon as we realized this part; things fall into place.

I do not practice Yoga to get more flexibility when kiting (even if it does and do so many good things for my body) or to impress with “hard look-a-like pose”.

Those poses are fun and part of the practice, so I go on with them. They are like Kite tricks, they are cool and need your full concentration. You get in the Zone and that’s Nice. But that’s not just about cool tricks and hard Asanas for me.




Actually, nothing like that. But i practice and observe myself in those particular poses or tricks. Am i Judgmental? proud? sticking on my ego? being hard on myself? or pushy? or am I grateful? or what ever personal experience one might have … and again, i try my best to  remember not to be judging the experience (good or bad), but simply: be the observer of what IS. And slowly learning.

kitboarding_yoga_page4So i practice yoga to grow, to learn, to remember to everyday connect with my inner sunshine and to be forgiving, especially to myself. I bring that in everything I do. It’s a mind set. So my kiting is influenced by this.

I’m not (anymore) into crashing so hard that I brake my whole body. Crazy, but I used to love that. Even the hard crashes!?! Masochistic a bit? No. It was the energy, the strong connection I found. I had to go hard to find this intensity, this freedom, this inner peace.

I’m glad I learn something out of it. I don’t have to be extreme anymore in my tricks, my way of riding or even my choices. It was part of my learning curve and also perfect in time (at 20 vs at 30…).  I found my way to get this connection and focus. Instead, i listen carefully to my full breath 3min-60 or a whole 90min, that’s what grounds me. Boum. It just works. The more I do it, the more it becomes natural in my daily life. That’s how i found my freedom, how i get reminded that it’s all about presence, connection and Love (yes, self-love first in order to get the rest right!).

kitboarding_yoga_page5For me Kitesurfing brought me to Yoga.

Yoga calmed & grounded me with time.

Than Kitesurfing become more about the simplicity and joy of it. At 30 yrs old, the hard crashes got replace by more presence.


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