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Holidays doesn’t mean comfort zone right?

After a month visiting relatives in Canada -far away from Island Lifestyle, we redirected ourselves to Europe. Germany was our main based while hint of cheerful Amsterdam and splendid Zurich where greatly appreciated. Today I wish to share my “insight” from this trip rather than a “travel guide”. Nothing about how much I loved the Christmas vibe with their traditional and so cool market (with Glüe wine -yummy), cheeses and

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What to do when deeply challenged

      I haven’t written in a …long…long… time (but let’s not be judgmental here and let’s appreciate the beauty of what is: I’m taking time to write and it makes me feel so… so.. so good!). I consciously dedicate this day to give you some news! Still I’m not sure how to fit everything in one post, but will see. In a few lines, I could resume that

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Living abroad: the stories

This morning I woke up with no running water in the house… How annoying I immediately thought. Well… I had 2 options. Reacting or Not.  I was close to get moody, but instead I decided to focus on the sound of the soft rain outside and on this perfect breeze to calm me. I look up by the window and I realized that ‘I did not care so much about the

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Roatan: kite bags are ready!

Since I left our kite spot in Roatan (last September) so many things have transformed my life. Of course, getting a baby is one huge and wonderful thing that continue to bring even more sense to all what I’m doing, but there is also a lot of little things I feel grateful for in 2013. On a professional level, the last year has brought me lots of cool projects and

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