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Yoga & Kitesurfing: Exploring Balance

Finding balance is an every day step. We loose balance and regain it. That’s just life. No need to fight this. As soon as we realized this part; things fall into place. I do not practice Yoga to get more flexibility when kiting (even if it does and do so many good things for my body) or to impress with “hard look-a-like pose”. Those poses are fun and part of

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What to do when deeply challenged

      I haven’t written in a …long…long… time (but let’s not be judgmental here and let’s appreciate the beauty of what is: I’m taking time to write and it makes me feel so… so.. so good!). I consciously dedicate this day to give you some news! Still I’m not sure how to fit everything in one post, but will see. In a few lines, I could resume that

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Kitesurfing in Roatan: where to stay!?!

 Today I am VERY EXCITED to start promoting 2015 Kite-Trips and Packages in Roatan Island (Honduras). It represent more than 2 years of work, lots of effort, trials, new steps and fun. I’m by now, very proud of the UNIQUE EXPERIENCE we are offering our clients! For us, the whole process was a real adventure and it’s to be continued! We are extremely Grateful for all the clients that have

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The KiteMag collaboration- Yoga to stay fit for Kitesurfing

What a privilege to be blogging for TheKiteMag. Read the full article at: It’s always a wonderful feeling to be sharing my view on this incredibly special journey 🙂 Enjoy the ride! Marilou “The Marilou Method” on The KiteMag  

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