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Holidays doesn’t mean comfort zone right?

After a month visiting relatives in Canada -far away from Island Lifestyle, we redirected ourselves to Europe. Germany was our main based while hint of cheerful Amsterdam and splendid Zurich where greatly appreciated. Today I wish to share my “insight” from this trip rather than a “travel guide”. Nothing about how much I loved the Christmas vibe with their traditional and so cool market (with Glüe wine -yummy), cheeses and

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My Roatan -A new kitesurfing mecca?

Here is a cool little post about us kitesurfing in Roatan. It’s true, East end Roatan is now on the MAP. Now so alive with all those kites and friendliness on the beach. From Costa Rica, Canada, Spain, Germany, Guatemala and US, it was a fantastic blend of friend! My Roatan – Adventures in Creating Nirvana: a new kitesurfing mecca?: Is eastern Roatan becoming a kitesurfing mecca? Follow DaVinci’s blog.

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Kiting Girl Coverage… Kitesurfing Los Roques & more

What a wonderful trip, with wonderful people and of course amazing gear. It’s such a unique opportunity to be politely asked to “travel” in such unique and pristine destination in order to get some promising shots for the Kitesurf company CORE. Every single day, I’m grateful for how my life path change completely. As I’m writing, i’m counting more than 10 years of riding and more than 5 professionally. Meaning

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