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Yoga & Kitesurfing: Exploring Balance

Finding balance is an every day step. We loose balance and regain it. That’s just life. No need to fight this. As soon as we realized this part; things fall into place. I do not practice Yoga to get more flexibility when kiting (even if it does and do so many good things for my body) or to impress with “hard look-a-like pose”. Those poses are fun and part of

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Our Vision of Sport makes the News

Kitesurf Roatan have recently made the News in Quebec/Canada. It’s all about how we see, practice and encourage the sport to be. Which is… to my understanding, much more than just Kitesurfing. If you could read through the letters of the word KITESURFING you would understand that it’s also about discovering yourself and the culture surrounding you. It is learning to be focus, concentrated, present in every moment: during your

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Kiting Girl Coverage… Kitesurfing Los Roques & more

What a wonderful trip, with wonderful people and of course amazing gear. It’s such a unique opportunity to be politely asked to “travel” in such unique and pristine destination in order to get some promising shots for the Kitesurf company CORE. Every single day, I’m grateful for how my life path change completely. As I’m writing, i’m counting more than 10 years of riding and more than 5 professionally. Meaning

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