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What to do when deeply challenged

      I haven’t written in a …long…long… time (but let’s not be judgmental here and let’s appreciate the beauty of what is: I’m taking time to write and it makes me feel so… so.. so good!). I consciously dedicate this day to give you some news! Still I’m not sure how to fit everything in one post, but will see. In a few lines, I could resume that

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Roatan: kite bags are ready!

Since I left our kite spot in Roatan (last September) so many things have transformed my life. Of course, getting a baby is one huge and wonderful thing that continue to bring even more sense to all what I’m doing, but there is also a lot of little things I feel grateful for in 2013. On a professional level, the last year has brought me lots of cool projects and

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Kiting Girl Coverage… Kitesurfing Los Roques & more

What a wonderful trip, with wonderful people and of course amazing gear. It’s such a unique opportunity to be politely asked to “travel” in such unique and pristine destination in order to get some promising shots for the Kitesurf company CORE. Every single day, I’m grateful for how my life path change completely. As I’m writing, i’m counting more than 10 years of riding and more than 5 professionally. Meaning

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